The Peer education course targets the members of a given group to effect change among other members of the same group. Peer education is often used to effect change at the individual level by attempting to modify a person's knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, or behaviours. However, peer education may also effect change at the group or societal level, by modifying norms and stimulating collective action that leads to changes in programmes and policies.


This course is mainly theoretical but uses the participatory and experiential approach.

The theoretical aspects focus upon introducing the participants to peer education, the qualities and how to form peer education groups, initial and reinforcement trainings, ongoing follow up, support, supervision, clear understanding of the role of peer educators and continued incentives and motivation techniques.Leadership skills are expected to increase over the course of training because peer educators serve as leaders to their fellows. An increase in self-esteem is predicted as students become more skilled and confident in their roles as educators. Their peer-education-relevant knowledge is also expected to increase with training.

The course is done for 5 days and is taught by a team of two trainers who are personally experienced at working with peer groups. Participants are supplied with teaching manuals. Participants come away from the course with a binder of hand-out materials, as well as other tangible resources.


  • Minimum KCSE C-
  • Interest or work experience in a helping field
  • Interest to learn and understand oneself, peers and ones community

Participants who successfully satisfy the course objectives are awarded the Association’s Certificate in Peer Education.

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