Promoting personal growth and development

At  KAPC you can come to us for individual, couple, and marriage counselling and psychotherapy. We also provide mediation services as well as therapy for children, including play therapy and parental guidance, anger management programs and substance abuse assessment. Professional development, consultation, coaching and training is provided for those in leadership and management positions.  KAPC programs are designed to promote personal growth and development in a supportive and safe environment.

Our Belief System at KAPC

At KAPC, our therapeutic work is guided by the belief in the human worth and dignity of our clients. In assisting people, we endeavor to protect and promote each person’s rights to self determination and individuality. We also believe that in order for counseling and therapy to be effective, clients must feel empowered and supported in identifying goals for change and in developing effective strategies for resolving their difficulties.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance at KAPC

KAPC appreciates that  confidentiality is as important to us as it is to you. Within existing legal, ethical and privacy requirements as stipulated by the Kenya Counselling and Psychological Asscociation, all contact with clients is treated in strict confidence.


Personal Counselling

Professional counselling services are available for individuals, couples and groups. These professional services are offered on a demand basis. People who wish to engage a counsellor are invited to contact the Receptionist at any of the branches. The Receptionist will identify a professional counsellor and arrange for a suitable time to meet.

Contact us Tel: 254(20)- 3741051, 3741056,  3741123. Mobile (254) 0721296912, 0733761242

Corporate Counselling

Professional counselling services are available for government departments, UN agencies, banks, companies, religious foundations, schools and businesses. These services include Employee Assistance Programmes (EPA), trauma debriefing, retrenchment, career counselling, stress management, medical welfare and relationships. For those organizations that wish to make an inquiry, please contact the Receptionist at Nairobi, or any of the branches. We will respond immediately to your needs.

Contact us Tel: 254(20)- 3741051, 3741056,  3741123. Mobile  0721296912, 0733761242