KAPC started in 1990. It grew out of a sponsored counsellor training programme and was formed because a specific need of providing professional support for counsellors was identified.

KAPC responded to the demand for all kinds of counselling services. We grew exponentially and now provide the full range of services to promote professional counselling.

Training counsellors is a core KAPC objective aimed at personal and professional development for individuals and communities in sub-Sahara Africa. Training is organized around the School of Counselling Studies (SCS) which is the training arm of the organization.

KAPC has developed a dynamic curricula of courses responding to counselling needs: Go to the Courses Menu in this website to view the specific course details.

Use the contacts below to get in touch with us.

Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors
P.O. Box 55472 -00200 Nairobi
Tel: 254(20)- 3741051, 3741056, 3741123.
Mobile: 0721296912, 0733761242
We are located at 2nd Floor, Kalson Towers, The Crescent, Off Parklands Road