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I felt very reassured and comfortable at KAPC. The Staff was very professional and friendly and helpful in all ways.

Tom Onyonka
Former Diploma Student.

I felt that I had found the place to come to get the help I needed and that someone would be working with me and supporting me. I felt relieved that I wasn't doing it on my own.

Maria Kamau
Trauma Victim.

Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors

Membership Services

KAPC strives to promote professional development in Kenya and other African countries by offering an active membership service to professionally trained counselors. Membership is open to professionally trained counsellors, trainers and supervisors in Sub-/Sahara African region and other developed countries such as UK, America, and Canada.


Download Membership application form

Benefits include being part of a prestigious and well known professional organisation and opportunities for professional and personal development. Those who register as members will enjoy the following services at all of the KAPC branches of Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa.


  • Accreditation for ‘Chartered Counsellor’ cc
  • Supervision
  • Continuing Professional Development e.g.
    • Annual conference
    • Workshops
    • Seminars
    • Short Courses
  • Personal Development or Growth groups
  • Newsletter
  • Library
  • Computer Lab
  • Fun outings
  • Community service
  • Counseling practice opportunities
  • Discussion forums

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‘Chartered Counsellor’ (C.C.)


Download Chartered Counsellor Application form

The purpose of the ‘Chartered Counsellor’ status is to promote the development of professional services for the public. At present the public has difficulty in knowing who the trained and experienced counsellors are and who are not. By using the letters C.C. after your name it will indicate that you have achieved a certain level of training and experience and that you are competent to offer professional services. The title is legally registered by KAPC and we wish to invite qualified and experienced counsellors to apply.

Criteria for Certification:

(A) Pre – Condition


  • A counsellor who has undertaken a KAPC recognised counselling course of minimum Diploma level.
  • Evidence of having completed a minimum of 400 hours of counselling practice under supervision over a two-year period.


(B) Post – Condition

Having met the pre-condition set in (A), the counsellor shall then be required to:


  • Engage in on-going supervision of at least one supervision session a month.
  • Show evidence of commitment of on-going professional and personal development such as regular participation in counselling training courses, study, conferences, etc.
  • Demonstrate practice, which adheres to the KAPC code of ethics and practice for counsellors and undertake to continue working within the code.
  • Renew status every two years.


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Counselling can be very rewarding but also can be very exhausting and challenging. Every practicing counsellor needs to engage in regular and ongoing supervision for their client work as an ethical requirement as it safeguards the welfare of their clients and ensures their personal and professional development. It is for this reason that KAPC offers supervision to members on every 1st Saturday of every month in all its branches at a very minimal fee. Members can request KAPC to offer counselling supervision for their organisation on consultancy basis.


Continuing Personal and Professional Development

All practicing counsellors need to keep abreast with what is happening in themselves and in the counselling profession. This can be done by continuous examination of oneself and ones counselling practice and also by running or attending further counselling training, conferences, seminars, workshops, discussion forums and reading research and other counselling literature.

KAPC offers opportunities for its members in all of these areas such as:


Annual counselling conference –

KAPC has been running an annual international conference for the last 9 years. Each year the theme changes to address current issues that relate to counselling. The conferences attract as many as 300 participants including many counselling experts and authors from as many as 10 countries. Counsellors and all those interested are invited to submit abstracts and to present their experience or research work. KAPCs well organised and popular conferences earned them an invitation to London in 2005 to co-host the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) annual Research conference. Two of our MA students were able to attend this conference. The participants at the conferences learn a lot from the feedback, experience sharing and discussions that go on in the conference. Students are encouraged to present their dissertation findings in the conferences. This goes to contribute to their personal and professional development as counsellors. The conference reports can be found on the internet. Counsellors are encouraged to record their conference attendances for accreditation purposes.

Short courses, Workshops and Seminars –

These are designed for counsellors who want to update their knowledge and practice and also for non-counsellors who may be interested to later join the counsellilng profession. Counsellors are encouraged to record their workshops, training or seminar attendances for accreditation purposes.


Personal Development (PD) or Growth groups –

Members have opportunities to meet in groups and share and get help from others on personal matters that are affecting their lives. Such issues if not addressed may affect their home life, work life and client work. KAPC runs the PD groups on every 2nd Saturday of the month and all members are invited. However members are still encouraged to seek individual counselling when necessary.

Newsletter –

The KAPC newsletter is produced quarterly and circulated to all members. It contains interesting counselling articles by members and news about important happenings in KAPC and other places. Members are encouraged to write about their experiences with other members.

Library –

KAPC is open to its members in all branches of Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa. The libraries are well stocked with counselling literature including international counselling journals that KAPC subscribe to. There are also video tapes and DVDs of key counselling experts such as Carl Rogers and many others. Some of the books are donated form our very dear friends and well wishers from especially UK and USA. The libraries are run by qualified librarians who are available at all times for the students.

Computer Labs –

All KAPC members and trainers have access to computers in all KAPC branches. Members and students can access their email and browse on the website for whatever information that they may need in counseling and other areas. There is always an IT person or librarian to assist members and students in the computer lab.

Discussion forums –

Members have opportunity to engage in active discussions of various topics on the website. This is a good way to learn and to network with others especially those who unable meet face to face. Members can form special alumni groups depending on whatever bonds them together e.g. country, or course e.g. alumni groups for MA group, play therapists, diploma class, Eritrea counsellors, Zanziibar supervisors etc.

Fun Outings –

Members have opportunity to relax and have fun with other members at KAPC. These outings take place on a quarterly basis on every 3rd Saturdays at a small agreed upon fee. Past outings have been to the Arboretum, Mount Longonot, Lake Baringo, Disco dancing, dinner etc. Members get an opportunity to bond and to learn more about themselves and their fellow members better.

Community Service –

Members occasionally go out in groups to the community to help. Members have been known to go to children’s orphanages to play feed and help children with psychological needs. This help is normally extended to the children’s house mothers or helpers at the homes.

Counselling practice and training opportunities –

Practice is known to make work perfect. I order to qualify for any accreditation including with KAPC chartered counsellor, one need to be on regular practice under supervision. Many counsellors in order to achieve this professional requirement have had to engage in volunteer work. While KAPC has opportunities for volunteer work, it also offers opportunities for short contractual paying jobs in counselling. These are rare opportunities that are very enriching but also challenging. KAPC only uses members who have chartered counsellor status or those with minimum diploma in counselling and with many years of counselling experience under supervision who are working towards their accreditation.

Members have the opportunity to work as trainers for KAPC and occasionally to get onto some few sponsored courses, workshops or seminars whenever they come by. Members who want to work as trainers are encouraged to continue with counelling practice, supervision and personal and professional development activities. Trainers must always have a higher qualification that for which they are training and so members are always encouraged to enroll on both short and more academic courses like the MA and PhD which are available in KAPC in collaboration with the University of Manchester.

Members are encouraged to record their client and training work in KAPC and other places for purposes of accreditation.

Networking and contacts–

As members work with KAPC in as students, counsellors, supervisors or trainers or consultants, they get opportunities to broaden their horizon and to meet and know other members and other organizations that they are sent to work with. Often members may represent KAPC in some forums and this gives them great exposure.


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Welcome to our site,  join us for this year's courses and events. You can download our course prospectus for the year 2015-2016 by clicking on this link.

Course Prospectus



Promoting personal growth and development

At  KAPC you can come to us for individual, couple, and marriage counselling and psychotherapy. We also provide mediation services as well as therapy for children, including play therapy and parental guidance, anger management programs and substance abuse assessment. Professional development, consultation, coaching and training is provided for those in leadership and management positions.  KAPC programs are designed to promote personal growth and development in a supportive and safe environment.

Our Belief System at KAPC

At KAPC, our therapeutic work is guided by the belief in the human worth and dignity of our clients. In assisting people, we endeavor to protect and promote each person’s rights to self determination and individuality. We also believe that in order for counseling and therapy to be effective, clients must feel empowered and supported in identifying goals for change and in developing effective strategies for resolving their difficulties.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance at KAPC

KAPC appreciates that  confidentiality is as important to us as it is to you. Within existing legal, ethical and privacy requirements as stipulated by the Kenya Counselling and Psychological Asscociation, all contact with clients is treated in strict confidence.


Personal Counselling

Professional counselling services are available for individuals, couples and groups. These professional services are offered on a demand basis. People who wish to engage a counsellor are invited to contact the Receptionist at any of the branches. The Receptionist will identify a professional counsellor and arrange for a suitable time to meet.


Contact us Tel: 254(20)- 3741051, 3741056,  3741123. Mobile (254) 0721296912, 0733761242

Corporate Clients

Corporate Counselling

Professional counselling services are available for government departments, UN agencies, banks, companies, religious foundations, schools and businesses. These services include Employee Assistance Programmes (EPA), trauma debriefing, retrenchment, career counselling, stress management, medical welfare and relationships. For those organizations that wish to make an inquiry, please contact the Receptionist at Nairobi, or any of the branches. We will respond immediately to your needs.


Contact us Tel: 254(20)- 3741051, 3741056,  3741123. Mobile  0721296912, 0733761242


Welcome to our site,  join us for this year's courses and events. You can download our course prospectus for the year 2013-2014 by clicking on this link.

Course Prospectus 2013-2014


Latest News

Manchester University KAPC Collaboration

We regret to inform all our students and prospective students that the KAPC’s collaboration with the University of Manchester for the validated BA and MA in Counselling Studies courses is coming to an more

Upcoming Courses in 2017

The following are the upcoming courses:-

  • Certificate in Counselling studies-13th March - 7th April 2017- closed
  • Diloma in Counselling studies (Evening Class)-21st  March 2017- March 2018
  • Diploma in Counselling Studies - 20th  March 2017- March 2018

Diploma in Counselling Studies


The course is open to people who are interested in developing a solid foundation in counselling to prepare them for higher learning and/or professional practice. It is one year part-time course delivered on the basis of either, one-day-per week or, four two-week blocks together with one-day-per-month meetings.


The course is designed to respond to the needs of those working therapeutically with clients in schools, primary health care, pastoral care, social work and related disciplines providing psychosocial services. The course forms a bridge between KAPC’s Certificate and KAPC’s Higher Diploma in Counselling Studies. The use of the internet is an integral part of the course and participants will be provided with their own web space.




The participants gain the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to become competent and reflective counsellors capable of working in a variety of contexts. This is achieved through 4 modules that are taught concurrently:


  • Personal development and self awareness
  • Psychological theories of counselling
  • Counselling in context
  • Process and practice of counselling




Learning is participatory and experiential, encouraging participants to reflect on their own values, assumptions, beliefs and prejudices about human nature and the process of change. Psychological theories of counselling are presented through a combination of lectures, group discussions, case studies, individual and group presentations. Practical training is based upon counselling skills introduced through role-plays and monitored through video and audio recordings. Tutorials are an integral part of the course when participants have the opportunity of discussing their personal development and their academic work with tutors.




Participants are assessed during the course by the submission of 4 written assignments and a case study. The practical skills are assessed at the end of the course by submission of a video recording of a counselling session together with a written commentary describing how the theories of counselling are employed. There are also a number of non examinable components that participants are expected to satisfy.






  • Minimum KCSE C- (Division 3 or equivalent)
  • Certificate in Counselling Studies from a recognized institute
  • Counselling work experience is an added advantage




KAPC installs new wireless Internet

KAPC has installed several wireless access Internet points at the Nairobi Parklands offices that students and members can use for free to browse the net with their laptops without requiring a cable connection.


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